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"[JJ’s] was one of our Top 100 Customers in the country"

Plumpjack, Cade, Odette Wineries






Congratulations on JJ's Liberty Bistro recently being included in the Jacksonville Business Journal's list of top caterers. 

Governor Rick Scott





"A fully catered party by JJ’s catering

will be something to remember… you

can expect the very best"

Business Journal







"The cuisine is genuine and exciting… the wine list is exceptional... [JJ is] a pleasant and polished food professional."

Jacksonville Magazine


We very much enjoyed the JJ's.

Former First Lady, Lady Bird Johnson






"JJ's Bistro, which is far cuter on the

inside than its strip mall location implies, goes beyond the scope of a regular restaurant...

[JJ]'s a stand up guy; passionate, knowledgeable and engaging."

Finding Florida






"The enormous Eiffel Tower replica informs diners at J.J.’s of two things. First, you have arrived. Second, all things French is the order of the day here."

Jacksonville Magazine





Best Restaurant Customer (2012)

Groth Winery




On October 16, 2o15, JJ was knighted "Chevalier dans l’Order National du Merite Agricole" or Order of Agricultral Merit. There are only 63 knights in the United States, which includes three restauranteurs Jacques Pepin, Paul Prudhomme, and now JJ.

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